Atlantic Avionics currently services various aircraft from homebuilt, small single and two seat aircraft to Boeing 757 and Boeing 767.  Various light, medium and heavy helicopter services are provided.

Atlantic Avionics can service or carry out installs on your aircraft at our shop located at the Shell Aerocentre at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport or they can come to you at your base of operation.  All of our Engineers are able to travel to your location. 

Atlantic Avionics have shop capabilities of various aircraft components including:

  • Flight Instruments
  • Engine Instruments
  • Altimeters
  • Emergency Locator Transmitters (121.50, 243.00 and 406.00)
  • Navigation Receivers including Glideslope and VOR/LOC converter
  • GPS receivers
  • Com Transceivers (AM, FM, HF)
  • Transponders (ATCRBS, Mode ‘S’, Mode 'S' ES)
  • DME Transceivers
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Ni Cad Batteries
  • Emergency Power Supplies
  • Emergency Locating Beacons (ULB'S)
  • Pitot/Static Test sets

With over 22 years in business, solid relationships with some of the best repair and overhaul shops in Canada and the United States have been developed.  If you have an item that is is not capable of being repaired in-house, Atlantic Avionics have a repair / overhaul shop that they can sub contract to and get you the best price and lead times available.