Delivering Two Decades Of Quality Experience

Company Overview

Atlantic Avionics Inc. is located at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Atlantic Avionics focuses on providing services to fixed-base operators (FBOs) and maintenance operations in support of commercial and corporate aircraft, flight schools, charter and cargo operators, private fixed wing, helicopters and regional airlines in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Avionics has a reputation for providing high quality work and timely service delivery to its customers. This attention to customer service has resulted in repeat business for field support in remote locations such as Goose Bay, Newfoundland; Norman Wells, Northwest Territories; Montreal, Quebec and various cities in Ontario. We also service international customers and have sent our employees to Montana, Bermuda and South Africa.

Atlantic Avionics operates at 549 Barnes Drive in the Innotech-Execaire Hanger (Shell Aerocentre), with 1,900 square feet of air-conditioned office and shop space and access to additional hanger space as required.

In 1994 Atlantic Avionics received Transport Canada Approval #02-94. The scope of approval includes Avionics, Instruments and Components for either bench repairs or aircraft certification. Atlantic Avionics has also received European approval with EASA approval certificate #145.7129 and Brazilian approval certificate #1310-35.

Currently Atlantic Avionics works on various aircraft ranging from homebuilt, small 2 seat aircraft to Boeing 757 and 767. We also work on various light, medium and heavy helicopters. We have shop capabilities for most Avionics Components, Lead Acid Batteries Ni Cad Batteries, ELT’s and ULB’s. 

Atlantic Avionics has membership with the Aircraft Electronics Association, Atlantic AME Association and the AMARC Association.

The Avionics Maintenance Engineer (AME) –E License performs all the tasks of an Avionics Technician in addition to being authorized to train and supervise apprentices and perform final inspection to certify the airworthiness of an aircraft after maintenance or repair.

Technical staff consists of 4 licensed technicians (AME-E), 2 technicians (apprentice) and 1 support staff who attend to maintenance and support issues that arise.

Regular hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday with 24-hour on-call service that provides a customer base with around the clock service for those AOG (aircraft on ground) situations our customers may experience.